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For the occasion of this year’s State horticultural show in Sigmaringen, the Museum of Sigmaringen Castle presents a new temporary exhibition, in which the focus will be on the extensive oeuvre of Princess Antonia.

Since her childhood, the talented infanta of Portugal and later wife of Prince Leopold got painting and drawing lessons. As the heir to the throne and Princess of Hohenzollern, she perfected her skills and never went on a journey without her paintbox, sketch-pad and her pencil. Landscapes and city views, but most importantly flowers and blossoms were her preferred motives. A range of sheets have been preserved in the collections of the castle, including gorgeous flower designs painted in watercolors. They are presented in our Museum by a remarkable exhibition for the first time.
Visitors can also be curious about the paintings of Stefan Szczesny, an internationally recognized artist of this day and age. His large-scale works will enter into a dialogue with the works of Princess Antonia.

Opening times

11th May to 20th September:
9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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This exhibition will end on 01.06.2015! The museum will be closed temporarily!